Press Brake

3 main mistakes when using the Press Brake: Recommendations from HARSLE Machine

Mistake # 1 – Hydraulic oil quality. The problem with the hydraulic system will affect the quality of the bending process, so it is very important to make sure that the quality of the hydraulic oil is good and it is useful for the press brakes. Before purchasing hydraulic oil, contact HARSLE to get the right recommendations. Purchase of low-quality hydraulic oil (cheap analog or not) or mixing hydraulic oils of different brands will damage the hydraulic system, which will damage the hydraulic bending press. It is also important to check the hydraulic oil in the tank normally when using the machine. The oil temperature should be approximately 15 to 60C.

Mistake # 2 – The wrong choice of punch and die. To get high-quality products with the specified parameters, you must use a high-quality punch and die. When choosing bending tools, you should know what type of metal you will use during the bending process. It is necessary to know that a professional bending tool is tempered to a hardness of 54-60 HRC. When using high-quality, cheap, or homemade bending tools, the result can be very terrible, as these tools cannot perform the correct bends as the original ones.

Mistake # 2 – Incorrect use of bend settings. The bending accuracy depends not only on the quality of the bending tool or the high-quality hydraulic oil but also on the programmed actions. Everyone should know that the key bending parameters, such as the penetration depth of the punch, the opening of the die, and the force, directly depend on the characteristics of the material being processed. Adjusting the rear stop is also important during the bending process, as incorrect adjustment, especially on the X-axis, leads to damage to the punch and die, as well as to the stop itself.

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