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9 Norms to Control Laser Cutting Quality

Cutting property determines the laser cutter`s quality. Often those who buy a new laser cutter ask to be shown laser cutting procedure. Cutting rate and quality are the things that should be most focused on. These nine norms are worth being noted while testing a laser equipment quality:


Laser cutting unit produces straight lines the deepness of which indicates cutting face asperity. Unevenness has a direct influence on ridge view. So, the less asperity, the better quality.


In case of cutting plates of more than 10 mm density, the cutting ridge perpendicular bevel is essential. Laser ray deflects if it is not near the focus, cutting breadth extends at the edge or base appropriate to focus location. The cutting ridge deflects from perpendicularity causing reduction of cutting excellence.

Cutting breadth

This may affect cutting performance while shaping profile of accuracy within the parts. The contour least inside diameter depends on cutting breadth. The more the sheet density is, the larger the cutting breadth is. Thus, regardless of the cutting breadth work space of a work piece on laser machine must be permanent to provide any high accuracy.


While cutting dense sheets at a great rate, melted metal fails to appear under the perpendicular laser ray. Instead, it spatters at the bottom of laser ray. This will bring on formation of crooked lines at cutting ridges and the lines move in the direction of laser ray. The key to this trouble is decreasing velocity towards the end of incision.


Barb appearance affects cutting quality, moreover its elimination demands redundant efforts. Thus, barb quantity allows judging cutting property.

Stuff Deposition

Laser equipment splashes a kind of oil fluid the work piece face prior to fusing the opening. Machine operator removes notching through wind, though up and down discharge will bring about deposited face of the work piece.

Fold and Staining

Existence of folds and staining indicate improper cutting quality. They should be excepted in case of excellence. 

Thermal Area 

The zone near cutting spot becomes heated and metal texture modifies. Thermal zone implies the deep area where the metal inner texture gets changed.


If any area of metal is exposed to swift heat, it gets deformed. This point is especially vital in processing, as contours and joints have got just a few mm breadth. This problem is possible to solve by brief laser pulses.

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