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Basics of steel door embossing​ machines


Embossing machines of steel doors (door stamping presses) are machines to emboss steel doors and door manufacturing machines. This machine produced by us presses a steel door, different sheets like steel, aluminum, big iron and galvanized doors.

Steel Door Embossing Machine Classifications

Shape Classification

These machines are of certain types according to their appearance:

  • Frame embossing machines
  • Triple-beam eight-columned emboss machines
  • Gantry emboss machines
  • Machines that emboss door frames

Frame embossing machines

This type of machines has got steel-sheet weld frame and plain design. It embosses steel doors and is quite light in structure, economic and convenient.

Triple-beam eight-columned embossing machines

Triple-beam eight-columned design has a vast application as a machine that embosses steel doors. Its design is tight and it is pressure-resistant. Its utmost capacity is 15.000 tons.

Gantry embossing machines

These machines are suitable for pressing little-area door panels, and they require restricted working area.

Door frame embossing machines

These machines are designed for pressing door frames. They deal with working areas which are long and skimpy. Multi-cylinder and multi-pointed press provides steady pressing.

Design Classification  

In terms of framework embossing machines fall into two categories one-action machines and dual-action machines.

The one-action emboss machines have got master cylinders upon top beams, they act from upside to downside.

Dual-action emboss machines possess master cylinders attached to the body and the down cylinders are tossed beneath. Double-way motion functions extension. Steel-door emboss machines are like hydraulic presses. These machines possess a triple-beam, eight-columned design. They have got big shipload, which corresponds to sheet sizes.

Single-action embossing machines

The chief feature of this machine bears cylinder upon upper beam, which acts from upside downwards. Dual-action emboss machine bears a chief cylinder upon upper beam and down cylinders at the base. Cylinders upon each side run meanwhile and sheets get exposed to pressure. Embossed patterns are clear and deep.

As the living standard is improving, aesthetic demands are also getting better. So patterns on doors are becoming more intricate and superb, which approves of dual-action emboss machines to be used.

Dual-action emboss machines

These are embossing machines operating with extension. The featuring operation implies pressing main cylinders over mold, later the down cylinders get pressed upwards. Patterns embossed have convex forms. More intricate designs may be embossed, turning a door panel even more excellent and enhancing purchasing demands. That is why producers mainly decide on dual-action embossing machines.

Selecting Steel-Door Embossing Machines In Accordance With Plate Thickness   

Shipload of emboss machines depends on press strength. Here is the tonnage calculation method: 

Most widely applied tonnage for an embossing machine is 2000, 2500, 3000, 3600, 4500, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 11000, 13000, 15000 tons. 

For choosing the proper tonnages one must analyze situations. For instance what sheets and what sizes have to be pressed, how thick they are, what patterns are going to be embossed.

As our company is specialized in producing embossing machines, we have worked out a table of shipload calculation based on our long-year experience for your references.

2000tGl sheet
1.52500×1500Applied to thin
2500tGl sheet
1.82500×1500Applied to thin
3600tIron steel
4500tIron steel
5000tGl sheet
(checkered pattern)
1.53200×2000Applied to press
pattern on thin
6000tGl sheet
(checkered pattern)
1.83200×2000Applied to press
pattern on thin sheet
8000tIron steel 1.5Gl 1.84200×2200
10000tIron steel24000×2000embossing or
checkered machine
12000tIron steel 2.0Gl 2.24000×2450
13000tIron steel24000×2450
15000tIron steel2.34000×2450

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