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Buying press brake tooling tips

Three Tips on Press Brake Tool Purchase

Deciding on new tool suppliers gives rise to careful consideration. The following tips are going to be trustful recommendation on selecting proper tooling, which will contribute to productivity reducing setting time at your shop floors.

1. Identify the tool type required for your task.

The tool decision depends on the product type that your company produces. In case of manufacturing highly accurate products, accuracy tooling like European Precision, Wila Trumpf styles suit the manufacturing process.

2. Take into consideration tooling profile as well as load limits.

While choosing tools, we try to get the most powerful profile. We would rather apply direct punch tooling profiles instead of goose-necked punch, as the latter is relatively weak. Thus, it is advisable to choose proper tooling considering the operation being realized as well as the tooling load limits. When profiles have been selected, load limits become a major influence. Two limits have to be considered: the one that tooling must resist and the load one near the central lines. As to the tool, the main thing is its resistance limit. At some points it has more pressure-resistance compared to the press brake. Not to damage the machine, loading capacities must match.

3. Consider the tooling while designing and manufacturing. 

  The chosen tooling determines designing and manufacturing of components. For instance, bottom bending shops, which use accuracy tools may produce parts upon tool radii. The operator then can insert the values into bending deduction calculation as well as in CAD mechanism, bringing about consecutive radii-specific parts. Air shaping is another mechanism to produce radii upon inner side of a part. During air forming you should be ready for the prediction about radii depending on the chosen tooling.

These instructions are undoubtedly going to assist you in orientation of which tooling to choose. HARSLE suggests a new series of top-quality accuracy press brake tools including various press brake punches, dies, standard special, special types, accessory designed with European Accuracy, Wila trumpf styles. They are offered in segment, complete and half lengths to fit almost all metal bend applications.

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