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CNC turret punch machine processing technology and application

This device suits various types of metal product industry as it is highly efficient, accurate and rapid. It has a wide application in electric apparatus, cabinets, kitchen and rail apparatus etc.

Process methods of CNC turret punches

Processing technology is shown in fig. 1. Operation has to begin by setting the start mode from pre-press point, which touches the plate and by pressing it makes it break through. As it appears at the bottom death, go back to pre-press point, stop until the following press.

Fig. 1

From time to time operators have to apply various stamp operations in particular situations. To make it more clear we suggest some efficient-proved process operations.

Speedy processing curve

When applying this method, start the operation at pre-press point. Speed comes to its utmost level at the down dead point, penetrates the sheet and goes back instantly. This mode ensures ideal processing in case of light metal materials.

Fig. 2

Silent processing curve

This suggests silent stamp process, when punching knob quickly lowers at the pre-press point. Coming nearer to the top sheet face, the punch knob speed reduces, breaks through the sheet, reaches the down dead point and returns instantly. This operates silently and provides comfort while processing. The following technology is highly efficient to stamp sheets with considerable thickness. It provides low-noise less vibrated operation.

Fig. 3

Formation processing curve

In this technology punching knob lowers quickly at the pre-press point. As soon as it approaches the sheet top face, punching knob speed decreases, stops near bottom dead point, then returns keeping pressure for a while to keep the piece from rebounding in the aftermath of formation. The following mode is suitable for work-pieces requiring particular formation: blinding, bridge-mold, convex hull etc.

Fig. 4

Mark processing curve

This technique is included in engrave modes and is mostly applied for printing logos or some other texts upon work-pieces. In this technique pre-press point lowers rapidly, speed reduces pressing dies in the plate, next a press point is formed on the plate.

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