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Comparison of Raycus and Maxphotonics

Raycus-Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co. Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Raycus”). That

The first Chinese company dealing with large-scale research, development, and production of high-quality fiber lasers and basic equipment, as well as the biggest developments and developments in fiber lasers. The production base has a global impact, in China.

The company has developed one of the first 10w pulsed fiber laser, the first 25W pulsed fiber laser, the first 100W continuous fiber laser, the first 1000W optical fiber laser, the first 4000w continuous fiber laser, and the first 6000w continuous fiber laser in China. In March 2013, the company has developed China’s first 10 kW fiber laser and made China the second country to master the world’s 10,000 w fiber laser technology.

Maxphotonics Company Ltd, another Chinese brand, Maxphotonics, ranks last among the three manufacturers of fiber devices in the world. Despite the fact that the cost and quality of their products are not much different from Raycus’s product Maxphotonics lasers are somewhat lower.

Three companies really deserve a lot of respect, especially those involved in scientific development and competition, despite the fact that the young changes Raycus and Maxphotonics quite successfully IPG. Secondly, the laser sources produced have proved that a truly successful not only in industry but also in other areas.

Regardless of their financial means, our clients are faced with the difficult choice of manufacturer’s main element of the laser machine or marker emitter. Raycus or Max are available, but China has traditionally been associated with cheap fakes. IPG Photonics expensive but, Russia / USA, whose products are strongly associated with quality, reliability, and status. It’s even more difficult to take the decision since there is almost no information about the Chinese manufacturer, big Russian market and there is information in the second, but it’s pretty bold. This fact is used by traders on both sides. Let’s find out if there is a significant difference between these products and whether it is worth overpaying for a big name. Everything is short and in order.

Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co. Like Chinese industrial producers, it has become a more modest and unobtrusive online resource. It is unobtrusive, not very informative, and does not look like a business card, the world’s leading manufacturer of laser beams. There are also no official international representatives from Raycus.

Max Photonics Technologies Co. It presents a lot of information. The company is completely closed, and it’s clear that the company focus its advertising and work on their own and its products, information on performance.

Unfortunately, presented all the information source is overloaded with information, which is a complex structure, and not enough. There is a particular lack of technical information in the public sector, but this is likely due to the reluctance of manufacturers to share their technological secrets.

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