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Deep Drawing: common introduction.

Deep drawing is a stamp procedure to create particular shapes, sizes through molds upon hollow parts. Deep drawing may be fulfilled by traditional single-acting or special double-action, triple-acting or hydraulic presses.

Deep drawing is a complicated application to deform plastics. Deformity space is considerably big and metal flows with larger stream. While deep drawing corrugations in flange deformity space and fractures within stressed areas are produced and the work piece becomes scrap. Consequently, analyzing stress and strain states while drawing is crucial to identify the causes of corrugation or fracturing. The mold type is also a decisive thing in developing the stamp procedure and improving the drawing performance.

Types of deep drawing

Ordinary everyday items produced through deep drawing are washbasins and aluminum pans as rotation pieces, lunch-boxes, fuel reservoirs as square pieces and car coverings as complex pieces.

Deep drawing deformity procedure

Molds to draw deeply mostly include convex molds, concave molds and crimp rings.

Changes of sheet stress condition in the process of deep drawing

Multifold deep deformity

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