Hydraulic Press

Deep drawing presses

Sheet metals are mainly applied in automobile and household appliance industries. Therefore, pressing machines designed for the formation of sheet metals are crucial in the industry of automobiles, household appliances, electronics and others.

Deep draw press machines are power-driven, hydraulic and combined. Deep draw technology might be applied on every kind of press machines: transferring, advanced, tandem-lined and one-die. Most commonly, while referring to deep draw press machines, dual-action sheet shaping press machines are considered. Two types of deep draw technology are identified. One type assumes drawing through dual-action press machines (DA), that bear 2 slides, internal and external.

Dual-action press machines are of the following types: power-driven, hydraulic or combined.

Deep drawing is carried out through power-driven or hydraulic press machines as well. In this case blank holders are die parts attached to the slides of the machine.

During deep draw process holding the forming sheet billet through billet holder is important.

  1. In case of power-driven or combined dual-action press machines, the billet is held by the external slide, and the punching die attached to the inside slide draws deeply and pushes the billet in the matrix of the bottom die.
  2. Power-driven or hydraulic press machines also perform deep drawing making use of hydraulic die-cushions at the pressing bar. On such type of press machines punching dies attached to the slides contain a billet holder in their top dies.
  3. Some other options exist as well, though not so prevalent.

It is possible to install die-cushions in all deep draw presses as a major element of manufacturing technologies. They can serve as ejectors as well. HARSLE deep drawing press machines provide highly reliable and superb performance through synchronized mechanical, hydraulic system.

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