Shearing Machine

Differences between guillotine and swing beam shears

While deciding on hydraulic shears, we may have to choose between swing beam and guillotine shears. We may doubt about which is appropriate to certain purposes. Now we are going to share with some information on the difference between swing beam and guillotine shears.

Shearing edges of blades

Guillotine shears bear four shearing edges for top blades, four shearing edges for down blades.

Swing beam shears bear two shearing edges for top blades and four shearing edges for down blades.

Shearing mode

Guillotine shear top blades move upwards and downwards vertically. The down blades are installed on the working table.

The top blades of swing beam shears move in arch motions, the down blades are attached to the working table.

Clearance adjustment of blades

Clearance of blades of guillotine shears gets adjusted through motors.

Whereas, the clearance of blades gets adjusted manually through cranks in case of swing beam shears.

Regulation of shearing angles

Shearing angles for guillotine shears are regulated gradually on controllers.

As for swing beam shears, shearing angle regulation is not available.

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