Press Brake

How to calculate press brake stroke

Most of the workers may have some difficulties in adjusting the stroke or else Y axles, particularly in case of old model press brakes. To be ensured in stroke exactness most operators try manifold testing.This should not be the case though. The following suggested formula provides the right calculation of stroke.

Note the scheme herein, the specifications of which are taken as a sample.

Stroke equals Daylight-Middle Sheet Highness-Punch Highness-Die Bottom Highness-Die Highness-0,5+t 

For Instance daylight is 370 mm, maximum stroke is 100 mm.

Stroke equals 370-120-70-75- (26-0,5*8+t)= (83-t) mm

Double note the die highness selection: 0,5<Stroke <Maximum Stroke 

So have your go.

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