Press Brake

How to use the hydraulic oil in the press brake

Herein we are going to present hydraulic bend equipment with sensible use of hydraulic troubles.

  1. There is no need of cleaning the systems prior to replacing oil. The hydraulic systems, prior to using hydraulic oil for, should be completely cleaned; if the same type of oil is replaced, as well as in case of a new oil type, flush it once or twice.
  2. Hydraulic oils cannot be mingled. Once you determine your hydraulic oil type, stick to it. Avoid using different types of oils or oils with various viscidity levels, or even similar levels, but from another manufacturer without any recommendation or reasonable foundation by your manufacturer.
  3. Hydraulic systems should work with proper sealing to avoid leak problems or outer contamination.
  4. Change hydraulic oils in accordance with oil changing indexes. Hydraulic system in the hydraulic bend machine needs regular sampling. As soon as chemical detectors appear in oil, it will get changed.

Risks of hydraulic oil contamination in bend machines.

Oil contamination will surely have a severe effect upon hydraulic systemic operation. Hydraulic pumps may frequently fail and cause the machine service life reduction. Dirty particles in oil bring about all these troubles. Because of firm dirty bits penetrated in the device, press brake components wear severely. Besides, cores of valves may get stuck causing the systemic breakdown. If hydraulic oil gets mingled with water or air, oxidative degradation accelerate leading to cavitations, erosion of machine parts, systemic vibrations and the like.

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