HVAC Air Duct Machine

Key To Troubles

Sheet Crimping

Regulate slit between the top and bottom rolls by hand, then twist the rod to keep sheets from crimping.

Punch and Groove Failing

Note blade condition. In case of damage, change it.

Mind pressure. In case of insufficient pressure make necessary settings. If the trouble still exists, inner leakage may be the cause. Restore it and change hydraulic barrel if there is a need.

If system pressure does not get regulated, the discharge faucet may be damaged. So fix or change it.

Cutting and Bending Failure 

Note the top and bottom roll gap, make required settings and in case of blade ridges poor condition, change the blade.

Mind pressure, in case it is insufficient, dismantle major barrel hosepipe put a plug in the slit and regulate up and down pressure by control selector. If there is no problem with pressure course, fix or change hydraulic barrel.

In case of pressure absence in both courses, inset fuel providing pump line. If the trouble still exists, fix or change fuel pump and Secure discharge faucet.

If just one direction pressure is workable, dismantle major barrel parts, then see if any leak exists. In case of it change solenoid direction faucet.

De-coiler Slides and Fails To Get Fed.

Regulate fastening unit to get the required tightness of belt.

In case it cannot provide the necessary tightness, change it.

Mind the switch wire.

Mind engine rotation. If it fails to rotate, the stroke may be not switched.

Not Parallel Leveling and Beading

This may happen if the top and down roll gap is too large. Regulate it as required.


Note if sheet density corresponds to the processing capability.

Note sheet stuff.

Sheet Failure to Pass Through Leveling Fluently.

This may be caused if sheet density does not correspond to norms.

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