Press Brake

Hybrid electric cnc press brake


Each hybrid axis has got a drive motor and a relatively small oil tank. Effective pressure filtering is integrated in the control block in CHD06 and CHD 10 systems. An ordinary pump block is one of the standard components of all CHD systems. This simplifies installation as the additional line connection is not needed.

Two separately installed hydraulic drive axes are the advantage of our patented design. Each drive axis is equipped with pressure counterbalance, which allows controlling the required pressure while the press brake cylinder presses. This means it will not generate the utmost pressure in the oil cylinder when the cylinders produce less force. Thus, it is obvious that the machine requires less driving force during bending, later hydraulic oil increases less heat.

If the machine stops at TDC, the motors get switched off or the speed reduces to zero. During rapid downward movement the motors get switched on or accelerate to the rated speed in order to utilize energy to its maximum limit.

When applying frequency-regulated asynchronous motors or servomotors, the rapid returning speed will increase significantly, thus improving productivity.


  1. The system consumes less energy with the servo motor.
  2. Oil distribution is carried out without loss saving the energy.
  3. Temperature rise reduces the risk of oil leakage. This provides more stability and increases working life of hydraulic press system and oil cylinders.
  4. Gear pump reduces noise and oil purity sensitivity.
  5. The ram position precision is higher than the proportional valve control system. Its repositioning accuracy is ± 0.01 mm, the highest precision is ± 0.005 mm.
  6. Hydraulic oil consumption reduces by 70 %.
  7. Considerably simple installation method improves efficiency.
  8. Flexible installation meets common needs to operate most effectively.
  9. Suggests cost convenience and high performance.

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