Important Plasma cutting Operator skills

Basic requirements for plasma cutting operators Metal cutting specialists cut a variety of metal with the help of special equipment-plasma torches, which operate plasma arcs or planes. In the absence of qualified personnel, different industries need such experts. Effective processing of metal parts is very important in the construction engineering industry, etc. Sh.

Therefore, to get the desired result, the following requirements are imposed on professionals::

  • Good health-nerves, vision, blood pressure should be normal;
  • Patience and endurance – because you often have to work in cramped or uncomfortable positions;
  • Professional skills;
  • Knowledge of the device and its parameters;
  • Perseverance and hard work.

This is a creative and responsible job. Experts need to learn that mistakes, it can damage the product and will hurt those who continue it.

Expertise and skills

Experts should have sufficient technical knowledge, as well as knowledge of chemistry and physics. He needs to understand the metal properties of the work and its melting method, to know the plasma torch apparatus, all parameters, and its use in the function, working technique. The operator should take into account the requirements for the quality of the metal surface is suitable for the treatment of the finished product and know how to remedy the deficiencies.

Professional engravers have to master the technology of metal melting, the nature of the gas, and the operating characteristics of the equipment. All process, which occurs to be understood and realized experts who need to understand all the subtleties of dealing with different types of metals. Safety is important.

Plasma equipment operator duties include:

  • Read drawings;
  • Preparation of post-processing parts;
  • Adjust the device, set the appropriate operating mode;
  • Processing of metal products;
  • Monitoring the quality of the treated surface;
  • To prevent deformation.

Operator, it is necessary to choose one or the other cutting mode or method, depending on the metal properties and thickness. The operator can determine the necessary labor time and material costs only if the operation is properly analyzed.

The technical advice of plasma torch

Plasma cutting equipment requires a professional approach. Experts experienced cutting quality, working sound, and arc color maybe find out if it is time to change the plasma torch power supply, especially of the electrodes and nozzles. Nozzles and electrodes capable of withstanding a different number of punches, depending on the current type of material and its thickness. Misplaced parts replacement causes the remaining consumable parts or even failure of the whole plasma torch.

The operator must be able to correctly configure the device settings and select the materials. Materials the choice depends on the metal (steel, copper, or brass) type, its thickness, and plasma formation used in gas. Failure to comply with these requirements will lead to a significant reduction in the fast unsuitability of materials and cutting quality.

Professionals must have the ability to assemble the tools so that all parts of the fit as tightly as possible. Optimal contact can only be achieved using snug-fitting parts and creates a good air and liquid circulation cooling. Regular cleaning of the device to operate.

Knowledge and functional knowledge using plasma torches

Before starting work, the operator should inspect the plasma forming gas and cooling liquid. If the components of the device do not receive the necessary cooling, the service life of the plasma cutting machine will be reduced. The ability to maintain a constant gas pressure level ensures the optimal arc of high-quality cutting. Beginners often have problems with pressure regulation, because they are very high value, the electrodes off.

Plasma torch operators should avoid such serious errors, such as drilling, when the plasma torch is a very low work surface. At the same time, the molten metal droplets reach the screen, and the nozzle damages the cutting quality and destroys the part. If the plasma cutter touches the surface, the arc retracts and destroys the device. To solve the problem of the height of experienced experts can use special techniques to change and adjust the height position of the device.

The correct choice of the speed mode of the device directly affects the quality of the cutting. If the speed is lower than the optimal speed, cutting holes in the remains swollen and uneven, and the molten metal will be splashed. Excessive speed, plasma arc bends back, the deformation of the edge of the cutting hole. Only professionals choose the ideal cutting speed, and then the cutting surface will be smooth.

The plasma cutting operator must ensure that the arc does not deviate from the vertical direction. This can happen when the arc is behind the plasma cutter.

Plasma cutting equipment only a highly skilled operator, whose work is perfect, can increase metal cutting profitability and enhance its business profits. Experienced specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience to be able to reduce the cost of the company, the cutting process. This can be achieved if professionals do not allow premature wear and equipment parts failure and plasma cutting machines, timely maintenance.

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