PS 85 DP iron-worker carries 5 stations to punch, shear and notch. Having 2 cylinders not dependent on each other, this machine allows two concurrent operations with the punch and the 2nd station meanwhile. The machine bears an electrical triggering selector of 3.28 feet to provide rapid work in case of work repetition. The work-stations include pushing modes to position the tooling and work pieces. 

The punch work-station punches sheet metals, plane steels, angular steels at 25 spm. It bears a work-desk as high as 42 inches, instant regulation for strokes, as well as a punch and die adapter. It is capable of taking 4.25-inch-diameter punches through 0.75-inch-thick materials.

Plane shears carry bottom 4-edged blades, top 2-edged blades, a work-table with angular and length stops. Angular shears, that have controllable back stops, allow users to shear angular shapes at various angularities. At 90-degree angles the shearing capacities are 6:6 by 0.5 inch, at 45-degree angles, the capacity is 3.1 by 0.31 inch. 

The work-station, that shears sheets, bears capability of 15 by 0.75 inch and 18.9 by 0.6 inch. Angular shearing capability is 4.75 by 0.6 inch, lengths of blades are 19 inch. The steel-worker cuts circular and square steels. The work-station that notches has a work-desk, that bears stops.