Job description of the operator of laser installations

1.1. This job description defines the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the laser installation operator.

1.2. The general manager makes a decision on the appointment or removal of the direct manager on the recommendation of the direct manager. 

1.3. A person with secondary professional education is appointed as a laser equipment operator without the need for work experience.

1.4. In its activities, the operator of laser equipment follows the following:-current regulations and technical documents on issues of the work performed;- articles of association, local regulations of the organization; – this job description.

1.5. The operator of the laser installation must know:

  • -the principle of operation of the device and the laser installation;
  • -the rules of operation of the laser installation;
  • – the rules of reading the printing program;
  • – the work carried out in the range of electro-optical and optical basis.
  • -The basic physical properties of the material used for machining parts;
  • -the type of laser processing;-the rules of use of high-voltage equipment;
  • -the method of installation of the laser mounting unit;- the electrical and functional diagram of the installation;
  • – the control and measurement used in the work;
  • – the method of testing of the equipment.
  • – The main features of the laser device, the optical alignment device, and the laser;
  • – the setting program of the optical device required to set and control the laser device;
  • – the characteristics of the interaction of high-energy laser radiation with matter;
  • – rules of labor regulations;
  • – labor 

1.6. The operator of the laser equipment reports to the direct supervisor. 

1.7. In the absence of a laser equipment operator (leave, sick leave, etc.), you can use laser equipment.), The operator of the laser device can use the laser device.). d.).(B) the functions of which are performed by persons appointed in accordance with established procedures.

2. Job responsibilities laser installation operator must:

  • 2.1. Laser welding, hole splicing, cutting, heat treatment, Engraving, and other techniques to process parts and products made of various materials of different thicknesses.
  • 2.2. Prepare laser equipment for the specified operation: clean the optical components, open the maintenance system, etc.
  • 2.3. Installation and removal of parts after laser treatment.
  • 2.4. Maintain a high voltage power supply device. 
  • 2.5. You can monitor and control the operation of the laser installation with the help of measuring devices, digital displays, signal lights.
  • 2.6. Control and adjust the parameters of the technical operation, comprising:

– controlling the transfer of commands on the remote control;

– controlling the pulse characteristics and the voltage of the capacitor;

– controlling the voltage of the capacitor and the output energy of the laser pulse matching. 

  • 2.7. Monitor the condition of the power supply, gas supply, vacuum, cooling, and pumping systems of the working mixture of the laser equipment according to the instructions of the equipment.
  • 2.8. The choice of mode of operation of the laser system depends on the material and design of the part to be machined.
  • 2.9. Regulation and control of laser equipment and measuring equipment. Adjust the resonator and the radiation transmission and focusing system.
  • 2.10.Control of the copier. 
  • 2.11. Keep a log of the operation of the laser system. Participate in the repair of laser installation.

3. Rights laser equipment operators are entitled to:

  •  3.1. View project solutions for activity management. 
  • 3.2. Make recommendations to improve the work related to the responsibilities set out in this directive.
  • 3.3.Within its terms of reference, it reports to its direct supervisors on deficiencies identified in the performance of its official duties and makes recommendations to address them.
  • 3.4. Management is requested to assist in the fulfillment of its responsibilities and rights.
  • 3.5. Information and documents are necessary for the performance of official duties by individuals or through direct management. 
  • 3.6. With the permission of the management, all employees (individuals) of the structure unit are involved in solving the tasks assigned to them.

4. Responsibility the operator of the laser equipment is responsible:

  • 4.1. In the case of improper performance or non-performance of the official duties specified in this description of the position, within the scope of the provisions of the current labor legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • 4.2. Violations committed in the course of their activities within the framework of the provisions of the current administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • 4.3. Material damage is caused within the scope provided for in the current labor and civil legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • 5.1. Job descriptions are reviewed, changed, and supplemented as needed, but at least every five years.
  • 5.2. All employees of the organization subject to this directive are familiar with the instructions to change (add) the job description based on the receipt.

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