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Laser cutting of pipes

An innovative method of processing, characterized by high quality and high efficiency, is laser cutting of pipes–a method that is becoming more and more popular every day. This is especially in demand among some companies that produce metal products. With its help, you can achieve a high-quality cut, regardless of the size of the pipe and the work is done.

Laser cutting with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 25 mm of metal, also suitable for processing large-diameter workpieces. The ultra-precise laser beam allows you to cut and engrave holes with complex geometries on the surface of the workpiece. This equipment is used in a wide variety of fields, for the manufacture of equipment and pipes, oil filters, exercise machines and construction sites, greenhouses and fences, power lines, etc.

You can use this method to process the following materials :

  • Stainless steel and alloy steel;
  • Copper;
  • Bronze;
  • Aluminum;
  • Brass;
  • Carbon steel.

The process of making pipes in laser processing is not important, as is the type of cross-section and thickness. Regardless of the geometric and physical properties of the material used, the highly concentrated laser beam provides the most precise cutting and perfectly smooth, clean edges.

With this method of processing, the surface of the product does not heat up, so the possibility of deformation is reduced to zero. Thanks to the maximum automation of the process, you can achieve maximum productivity, which is evidence of the money invested in the shortest possible time.

What is the essence of the technology?

The technology of laser cutting of pipes involves processing the surface with a focused beam in the direction of the surface of the workpiece. In the cutting area, the metal melts and evaporates. Minimal contact prevents the rest of the product from heating up, providing a high degree of safety for workers. Thanks to instant contact and evaporation, you get minimal errors, which allows you to get excellent results.

The laser machine allows you to get a smooth surface of the pipe without roughness, while chamfering in any place, regardless of the position of the shaft. The incision site is not too hot, so the product is ready for further use almost immediately after processing.


Laser tube cutting is an effective method of cutting metal. With this approach, you can precisely manage the pipeline and at the same time save a lot of money.

The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Speed;
  • Get the most accurate results;
  • No material deformation;
  • Perfectly smooth and clean welds;
  • Improving production efficiency;
  • Save resources, money, and time.

After the end of the metal pipe cutting process, no additional processing is required, and all this is due to the lack of direct contact with the product. The subsequent installation of the finished product is much more convenient, in some cases it allows you to avoid unnecessary technical processes.

Working principle of the pipe cutting process

This technology, such as laser cutting of pipes, is very popular among pipe rolling companies of all sizes, and all this is due to its many advantages. Its essence lies in the fact that the laser beam acts on the product together with the supplied gas, and the metal gently melts and evaporates at the cutting point. To do this, with the help of modern high-precision CNC machines, you can automate the production process as much as possible.

Where to cut with a laser tube

The production of round pipes is a well-developed industry. The products produced by the pipe rolling plant are relevant:

  • In the oil, chemical, and food industries;
  • In the construction industry;
  • In mechanical engineering;
  • In the construction of water supply and heating systems.

The technique of laser cutting of pipes is really universal and therefore allows you to successfully perform all the tasks. Thanks to the cutting quality and speed of the machine, its use provides increased efficiency. Laser cutting significantly reduces the complexity of manufacturing products from round and profiled pipes.

Device Type

Without special equipment, it is impossible to cut the pipe with a laser. Currently, companies offering this service usually use modern CNC laser tube cutting machines or sheet metal cutting machines with tube rotation modules to process products of various cross-sections and lengths up to 315 mm and 315 mm, respectively.

The main advantages of CNC laser machines for metalworking are:

  • High cutting accuracy;
  • Perfect edge quality;
  • Easy and safe to use ;
  • Reliable and stable operation;
  • Maximum automation;
  • There are no significant operating costs.

According to your production requirements, after studying the billet drawings, we provide the best model for laser pipe cutting or combined CNC machine tools.

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