Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting of steels

Traditionally, steel cutting involves handheld and mechanic tools like saws and torches. Yet, innovative ways to cut steels are mostly embraced by companies. These technologies offer more effective costs and higher efficiency of cutting to any company engaged in fabrication of metals. Laser cutting steels that slice metals through precise light beams are appealing to most manufacturers. HARSLE holds a variety of laser cutting versions fitting actually all vocational applications.

As soon as laser beams touch steels, an excessively high heat is produced, because of which the materials being exposed melt or vaporize. Laser beams fully penetrate into a steel cutting it along the necessary lines and contours. The steel gets melted with beam movement. In case of certain steels steady gas-flow influences the material, and the cuts produced are actually as wide as the laser beams performing them.

Laser cutting steels have various scopes of application. This technology allows creating medicinal or surgery instruments, knives or plate stuff for constructions. As this technology is easy and speedy, it provides more efficiency in production and consequently more profits. It ensures high quality for complete products as well.

Laser cutters offer a number of advantages for a business. The machine acts without a direct touch with steels providing utmost accuracy even for the tightest areas. So it is suitable to trim for removing unnecessary parts from steels. The precision of laser cutter allows shaping any piece to meet special industrial needs. Steels may be different grades, such as carbon or stainless steels. This technology is applicable for all steels. It is also possible to eliminate post-processing to accomplish a work piece if you choose to use this technology. Firm and flat edges are formed, producing no necessity to finish work pieces when formed through a laser cutting machine. Thicker steels like reinforced materials are more preferable to process through CO2 cutters, as they possess higher power. In case of thin steels, compressed gases are used. Thinner steels respond easily to such type of processing, and flat edges are achieved.

HARSLE company employs experts with the highest qualifications to support every customer in any case in their purchase. You may rely on us to analyze your business needs, explore the products offered by us, as well as to assist you in the aftermath of purchase. You will find both a high-quality product, and assistance with us.

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