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Laser Sentry for Press Brake Safety

An advanced, accurate workplace safety solution.

This system is a precise security device, a Presence Detection Device with a laser guide ensuring security for operators of brake presses when they employ laser accuracy right surround a die. In case of detection of foreign objects, laser system retracts the die on the spot.

Advantages are apparent during the operation:

  • Making plain correction upon the fly.
  • Maintaining work flow.
  • Performance of intricate metal working processes.
  • Simple English monitor.
  • Improving the security of the work place.

The die retraction can be realized if beams get stopped.  The accuracy beams that surround the top dies are far heavier compared to other conventional PSD press techniques, like press-brake light curtains, tending to cut digger area and often require considerable ‘clogged’ area to provide basic work. Even complex operations are possible to accomplish by temporarlly disabling just one of the beams.

This security technique may be instantly and properly input by any skillful and experienced technician. 

Equipment Security Device Preventing Work Place Faults.

Inadequate guarding of the equipment has been cited as the most urgent work place security disturbance. Having operators caught in the equipment surely causes fatal injuries.

Adequate security measures when followed properly will save hundreds of lives and escape a large scale of injury. In addition,
the manufacturers suffer losses of great amounts in income that they have to spend on employee compensation, insurance benefits. Laser sentry has proved to decrease the risks caused to operations and productivity in general.

Press Brake Security Measurements.

User display and keypads: Simple English menu working interactively. The display shows modes and status of any operation. Universal simple English messages on errors, alternative wide display of adjustable touch pad.

Defense of employees: Three lateral beams are capable of scanning the central, forefront and rear sides of shaping dies, defending the forefront and rear parts of dies. Beam leveling does not converge. This means that the beams appear parallel each of them possessing a recipient. Beam alignment does not converge. Every single one possesses its own receivers. Laser beams pulsate at a great rate to keep interference from an external light supply and spurious signal.

Observant Management: Up to ten operator watchwords are often appointed and permits accessibility to traditional equipment operation. A supervisor`s parole is given. The supervisors can manage, amend operational passwords and gain setting specifications. A mastering parole is given. The master parole is intended for proprietors and provides accessibility to any information, as well as modifying the supervisor`s parole. The employment of passwords for operative staff might be switched‘off’ by supervisors or owners. They are responsible to face risks, if any. If the user watchword operation is switched ‘off’, any function, like box mode is going to be disabled on each come out.

Machine disabled: In case operators want to leave the equipment for a while, they should press ” disabled machine” out of the menus disabling the equipment unless they enter the password again or other valid passwords. This feature makes the non-authorized usage of the equipment.

Ram Positioning Monitor: A non contact, absolutely lineal electrical device of 0.025 precision makes digital transmission through RS485 positioning the precise ram to the management. Even in case of electrical failures the management system identifies the ram position. If any damaged cables or electrical faults, control system automatically disables the equipment bringing it ito safety mode and displaying messages on errors. 

Function of wavy materials: In case of the ram stop because of wavy materials, ” wavy materials” should be selected in the menu. Turning it on operators cause laser beams to interrupt coming to low rates, the ram retracts unless the beams get stopped. In case of repetition up to 3 times, the ram completes formation cycle. If no wave obstacles occur, ram continues the formation.

Back Beam Interference: If any part interrupts the back laser beams, they can be stopped through the selection of this function in the menu.

Box Formation Mode: In the formation of boxes and trays forefront laser beams get broken through the turned flanges after the part rotation of 90 degrees. The forefront beams can temporarily disabled to enable a part to form. Switch ” box mode” on.  After you have finished molding this type of part, turn ‘box mode’ off’for a safe function.

Parts in Die Detecting: While adjusting the equipment for certain parts, the ram lowers unless central beams get interfered by the sheet positioned upon the die. This positioning is noted, then gets fixed as the exact positioning for the sheet. In the usual formation if parts are not exposed to detection upon the die, the equipment reverses and the errors are displayed ‘no part detected’. Its aim is to stop the equipment from cycling when parts are not in the die, as it can be hazardous. For certain part making process turn this operation off.

Free Cycling: If parts are not properly shaped, mainly in the primary die setting process, operators can press Cycle button on the key panel to cancel the ‘part detection’ functioning. This allows just a stroke with no detection of materials. Choose ‘Cycle’ button every time to provide more strokes. 

Upright Laser Beam Leveling: In case of formation tooling changes, there is some need to position laser beams again to have it 1/4” beneath the formation die. A controllable steel rule is provided at the transmitters and at the receivers. It implies setting zero while installing. If a 3-inch matrix is inserted, the lock mechanism should be just released and the transmitters and receivers should be moved to the 3 ″ on the ruler, the lock mechanism needs tightening and then checking whether the beams actually scan 1/4 ″ low the front ridge of the stamping.

Fully Tunable Press Brake Security

The mentioned above security device can be input by professional technicians. It will take 10-12 hours and some additional time necessary for practice.

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