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Overview and comparison of Ipg and Raycus

Raycus and Ipg emitters belong to the category of fiberglass lasers, which means that the beam is formed not in a gas environment, but with the help of the thinnest fiber, the reflectivity of which is almost absolute (most of these devices use pure quartz with an alloyed surface).

Fiber laser devices are significantly superior to gas devices in terms of accuracy and processing speed, as well as in terms of service life. For example, the average life of a gas discharge emitter is 6,000 hours, and a fiber optic emitter can work about 100,000 hours without loss of quality.

Another advantage of such systems is the ability to cut and engrave metals, which is very important since gas lasers can not handle this due to the inadequate wavelength of the beam.

The manufacture of fiber laser devices takes place in a fairly large number of companies that focus on the manufacture of CNC machines, however, according to customer reviews, only three of them are leaders and differ by a large margin from other competitors. We are talking about the American brand Ipg and the company Raycus, which are located in China.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of IPG fiber lasers, RAYCUS IPG Photonics (USA)

The IPG brand opens the list of market leaders in the manufacture of components for laser machines. The production facilities of the international company are located in the USA, Germany, and Russia, and its founder is the Soviet scientist V. Gapontsev, who manages it to this day. The participation of Ipg Photonics in the supply of fiber devices to the world market is approximately 80%. La the company’s policy is based on the dynamic development and active exploration of fiber optic capabilities. All innovative developments immediately turn into new products and serve as the basis for the modernization of existing ones. The main advantages of Ipg emitters are:

  • compact size;
  • long lifespan more than 100,000 hours;
  • single side pump system for diode;
  • patented fiber doping method;
  • flow stability;
  • perfect beam quality without dispersion loss;
  • multimode and single-mode radiation options;
  • radiation power ranges from 100 to 1000 watts;
  • advanced management functions.

This is not a complete list of advantages of IPG fiber lasers. As for the disadvantages, the only one of them is the high price, which completely exceeds the cost of Chinese machine tools.


A Chinese company that was founded in 2007 and specializes in the production of fiberglass lasers. He is a pioneer in this field in his country, and in 2010 the Raycus brand spotlights were even recognized as the property of the nation.

It has received worldwide recognition for its combination of superior quality workmanship and affordable cost. Raycus products are rightly called the analog of Ipg photonics since the last two generations of its lasers are completely identical to the American brand.

The company is actively developing and attaches great importance to research activities. In 2013, they brought a 10,000-watt plant to the world market, and the company’s representatives say that this is not the limit.

Raycus lasers for marking metal surfaces show high speed, performance, and excellent beam quality. Feasible costs allow you to equip such devices not only large but also medium-sized industrial enterprises that specialize in Engraving and marking products and blanks.

It is worth noting that the equipment of the Chinese brand in terms of configuration and number of configurations is also not inferior to the leading overseas manufacturer of fiber lasers. And they even surpass it in terms of customer service and flexible pricing.

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