Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutter Not Arching (Suggested Solutions)

The outcome of cutting depends on NC arch durability. Unstable arch brings on rough cutting, short outwear of the machine elements, permanent substitute of headpieces or electrodes.

Here are suggested solutions:

Excessive air pressure

In case the inlet pressure exceeds 0.45 Mpa, in the aftermath of plasma arch shaping, high pressure is inclined to remove the centralized arch shaft scattering its power and decreasing incision force of plasma arch.

Reasons for excessive pressure are incorrect inlet air conditioning failure of air drain and air drain relieving faucet.

Keys to the trouble:

Note proper air compressor pressure. See if there is a disturbance between compressor and air flow relieving faucet. If after making proper settings, the situation does not change for the better replace the air blow decreasing faucet.

Excessively weak pressure

In this case plasma arch emission velocity is rather weak and the inlet pressure is below the required rate. This leads to improper and impermeable cutting as well as ridge congestion.

Reasons for low pressure are:

Air shortage exists in compressor.

The regulation of ventilation faucet is set on low.

The electromagnetic faucet fuel is polluted.

Air flow is disturbed.

Keys to the trouble:

Note the compressor pressure screen, make proper settings or fix the compressor.

See if air drain pressure reducing faucet is regulated properly and the correspondence of required data with pressure screen. Besides the air flow reducing faucet needs constant maintenance to avoid polluting fuel. Improper inlet air brings to polluted fuel of solenoid faucet. It becomes hard to uncover. Weak pressure may be caused by a reduced gas flow. Then replace air tube as instructed.

Weak ground conductor and work piece contact 

Preparing steps prior to cutting include grounding. In case of lasting usage the ground conductor may get isolated from work piece face. Therefore, make use of the specific ground implement to see whether contact appears between ground conductor and work piece.

Burning of jet headpieces and electrodes

Reasons for untimely headpiece fault:

The headpiece is not installed properly, which implies weak fastened wire.

The gears are not adjusted properly.

Cutting jet must be chilled by a water stream while working. Any failure of this leads to electrode or jet headpiece burning.

Too often arching.

Key to the trouble.

Regulate gears as required for the cutting work piece.

Note the incision jet headpiece installation.

Make the chilling stream circulate beforehand to cool the jet headpiece.

While cutting there must be certain distance between the jet and work piece appropriate to its density.

Sparkle generator fails to break arch automatically.

While operating, plasma cutter sparks a plasma arch. Frequently acting generator makes the gas intense between electrodes and the inner side of headpiece and this brings about partial gas ionization and a little arch is formed. The latter is accompanied by air pressure, which is emitted off the headpiece and forms an arch. So, this is the main function of sparkle oscillator. Operating time of sparkle oscillator is 0.5~1s.

Improper adjustment of circulation control and slit between sparkle oscillator discharging electrode may bring about the failure to break the arch automatically.

Key to the trouble.

Note the sparkle oscillator discharging electrode to have an even face.

Regulate discharging electrode slit of sparkle oscillator on time (0.8~1.2 mm).

In case of necessity change control pane.

Extremely low inlet AC voltage

This may be caused by the damage to major circuiting components.

Key to the trouble.

See if energy supplier possesses proper loading capability.

Plasma cutter must be installed far from other big electrical devices and spots having electrical interposition.

Realize regular cleaning of the machine elements and not the serving life of the wire. Improper plasma arch may also be caused by insufficient incision velocity, vertical jet position as well as worker`s little experience.

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