Press Brake

Press brake light safety curtain system

Most safe-curtain systems provide high effectiveness while applied suitably. This system offers accessibility to the machine for more than one operator, as well as to keep unapproved staff from injuries. Besides, the system allows using footed switches in place of two-handed-button stations.

Float Beams.

Most commonly the security system of beam curtains offers the version of float beams. Separate or many infrared rays can be interrupted through forming parts. Certain safe curtains make it possible for the rays to float up to 8-inch distance. The beam float might be very hazardous in case of improper usage. Let us take a press brake offering three-inched strokes and the safe light-curtain system carries out 8-inched beam float. In this case beam float is not recommended.

Selection or cancellation of channels:

Cancellation of beams is optional in case of certain light-curtain systems. Beam cancellation makes it possible to disable or eliminate the offered beams. This can be advantageous when used correctly.
For example, having installed supporting a bracket upon the front of the press, undoing the beams covered by the supporting brackets makes it possible to control the press meanwhile protecting the matrix hole. Overusing of this can be very dangerous and it is better to be monitored by supervisors.
Never apply plugs to disregard the molded parts with a light shutter. Gaps in the beam-curtain rows enable an operator to inevitably enter the dangerous area.

Programmable selection of channels:

Certain security curtains are possible to program for the selective cancellation of offered beams in the formation process. In case of shaping boxes security curtains intend to cancel just a beam in the opening stroke. A 90-degree bending of 4 inches is formed. Ninety-degree rotation of parts is provided. The parted-side covers 4-inched space of beam shutters. For the further cycles the system has to be adjusted to revoke 4-inched distance of light shutters. Four-inched beam cancellation can be rather hazardous.

OSHA and ANSI Requirements for Use of Press Brake Light Safety Curtain

  • The equipment has to be capable of setting back the plunger from moving somewhere in dies
  • Stop time of the plunger needs to be evident. 
  • The plunger setting back has to be managed for the stop time deflection at every cycle.
  • The least run limit a security system allows to a pinching point needs to be apparent. 
  • The beam shutter security system has to be dependable. The stopping circuits to which the beam shutter security system is connected has to be dependable while operating. 
  • Disabling the security system with no special tool must be impossible. 
  • In case the safe shutter system is disallowed, it must be indicated clearly. 
  • Operators and setting-up specialists must be appropriately skilled in using the curtain protection system.

Methods of Light Security Shutter System Guard.

1. Applying the supportive tables, input the flat plug in the matrix, then press it towards the backside wall.

2. Lower the plunge unless it comes to automatic stopping at the opening muted points.

3. Pedals are released by operators, later the plunger strokes are restarted for part formation.

4. Move the parts up towards the rear wall for a repeated bending.

5. Lower the ram unless it gets stopped by itself at the repeat muted point.

6. The pedal is released by operators and later the plunger stroke is restarted for the formation of a second bending.

7. Move the parts by light shutters, then put them in the ninety-degree rotation.

8. Lower the plunger to the third disconnected points, then input parts towards the rear wall.

9. Pedals are released by operators then the plunger cycles gets restarted for formation of short legs of the other part sides.

10. Move parts out of beam shutters, lower the plunger to a third disconnect point.

11. Input the parts into the die hole then slide into the rear sensor.

12. Pedals are released by operators then the plunger cycles get restarted for shaping short legs of the other part side. The sequence requires repeatition unless the box is shaped completely.

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