Press Brake

Press Brake: Plate Metal Material Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machine is most commonly referred as press brake. You may ask why a machine that realizes bending is known like this. But is this the correct definition of the hydraulic bending machine? Now let us see why it is. Brake means to slow down or cease acting. In the 15th century brake was the word for a fracturing tool. In later times the meaning of the word brake was applied to fracturing machines.

 Brecan meant brake in Old English, but in Middle English it evolved into breken. Much later brecan came to mean break, which is defined as the act of splitting items into pieces.

Nowadays the term brake is applied to a bending machine. How the term press was included into the name of this machine? In early Middle Ages press was a tool used to skim clothes or to squeeze berries. In further times the word press came to mean a squeezing device. Plate metal manufacturers refer to presses as dies that apply strength to bend metals.

Bending process is carried out through various tools. Bending by the use of a leaf brake is done through an upper swing leaf.

Box brake, which is meant to shape boxes or pans, is realized by shaping plate metal material around fragmented arrows, which are fixed to upper point of the machine.

The process of bending is carried out by press brake through dies and fractures. Ongoing technological development have turned manual press brake into a number of varieties such as mechanical, hydromechanical, hydraulic and electro ones.

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