Press Brake

Press Brake Robot Unification

There are some questions the answers to which will lead plate metal producers to assessment if robots can get integrated in bending process.

  1. Has the manufacture got an experienced worker with proper computer knowledge for operating the device?

There is no doubt that robots contribute to the automation of the whole bending process. Thus, workers may gradually be excluded. However, some experts suggest that operators should continuously accumulate useful tips and make use of modern technology to manufacture workpieces of top quality. The latest bending devices are easy to function even for less experienced operators.

2. What tasks are robots most suitable for?

Robots are capable of a variety of functions. They are especially appropriate for realizing the following assignments: 1. They operate repeatedly and produce great volume.

  1. Little batches make possible recurring assignments.

It takes quite a long time to set bends of robotic types, though they are worth of it due to the large amount of production they provide.

3. How long does it take to realize programming?

There is no need to be proficient in engineering to set the device. Just a CAD module is needed to supply parameters and bending operations will further on through the software. 

Here the software is set in 3-D module able to manipulating not only the robot, but press brake operations and sustain the bend order as well. What is more, the program may select the restriction implements, robotic movement as well as substantial fitter.(Figures 3 and 2)

Robotic bending units are possible to modify quickly by replacing restriction implements.(Fig.3) Herein the robot is able to replace the end fitter with 25s of a short type.

Most commonly programming is carried out while the unit is disconnected to prevent the bending device from being disturbed.

4. What is the additional equipment investment ?

A guarding face or safety trellis should be invested to provide workers with safety. On the other hand they occupy a considerable amount of area. However, in particular accidental cases automation device ceases functioning. 

Trellis that ensures safety are appropriate for spacious workshops.

The next investment should be the mold library.(Fig. 4)

The latter is possible to download with the accordance of instructions in the top and under die replacing unit that fits the mold and insert it in the upper or lower restriction implements through a rotating disc.

5. How to assess the sensible cost of robots ?

The assessment of the cost is mainly dependent on the press brake machine operation time.

The utilization of the equipment should be improved to bring on improvement in every aspect of automation device. Standby period of the press brake has to be decreased to enlarge the production amount considerably.

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