Press Brake

Press Brake Secure Instructions

Here is how to hold work pieces correctly.

Press brake proper running


Uncover the energy switch. Then raise the pedaling switch to run pump. Switch on the boot button.  Set L axle, then D axle and function the machine.

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Punch and Die Installation

First install the punch, later die, weaken the bolts set beneath the guiding trail to make necessary leveling. Hold the punch up, press the pedaling button to make sure about the mold concentricity. Note pressure block to prevent pressure rise.

Work piece selection and installation.

Keep hands away from the set work piece as well as from die to escape pinching fingers. Do not place hands amongst top and down molds. During big piece bend work pieces may bounce and cause face injury. In case the machine is run by more than one, then one of them must see about pedaling switch.

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Secure Instructions For CNC Brake Machine

Follow secure instructions and put on the necessary defending accessories.

Prior to functioning note the proper condition of engine, switch, wire as well as grounding.

Note top and down die toughness and alignment. In case the top slide sheet and ax placement is incorrect make necessary program settings.

In case of a strange noise or distortion within 1 or 2 minutes in the aftermath of starting, stop the machine. Restart when all the troubles are removed.

There must be a close collaboration among the operators of the machine to make sure that each of them is secured while operating the device. The size, slide impact adjustment, bend force and top and below die choice as well as bend strength depends on the plate density. Adjust the below die V breadth, bend strength of the work piece referring to the device bending strength chart on the right. Bend strength must not exceed the nominal strength.

While regulating top and bottom mold gap, the slider should be placed at fixed point. The advisable primary gap is one mm thicker compared to the sheet to escape damaging the mold. Compact plate bend to escape causing damage by the spring of plate while bending. There must be no random stuff among molds.

While making necessary mold adjustments cease the machine operation and cut it off. During die installation make correct mold selection and fasten them properly.

While adjusting V breadth of the top die, avoid touching the bottom one.

Note bend pressure, the primary strain must be once or twice no more than the utmost pressure.

The work piece being bent should be at least 1-3 times as long as the work table in case it is exposed to the utmost bend pressure.

No one should stand behind the machine while it is operating. Pressing plate metal only at one tip is not allowed.

If the work piece and mold are not in proper position, cease the operation and then make corrections. 

Avoid folding top dense iron plate, alloy steel or other metal stuff that does not meet the machine requirements.

Make regular control of top and bottom molds and pressure for compliance.

Prior to switching off put the wooden unit over the bottom die beneath barrel on both tips, then place the upper slide on it.

After shutting down cut off the energy and clean the working area.

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