Progressive die stamping

This is a metal formation method mainly intended to make components
for a range of industries like the automobile industry, electronic apparatus and others. This process is composed of a few separate workstations,
that are capable of performing more than one operation upon parts.
Parts get transferred from one station to another along the reserve bar
and get out of the bar in the finishing step.

Through progressive die stamp process, steel strips are shaped into
accomplished parts in gradual steps.

Production mass, sizes as well as intricacy of parts determines whether to use progressive die stamping or not. This method is suitable for producing a greater amount of products with the least cost possible.
This method allows for ensuring high accuracy and toughness. As this process performs with great delicacy, it becomes possible to gain the highest levels of qualities, that include blank positions, boundaries,
pilots as well as scratch deformity. Pilots have a crucial part in progressive die stamp progress. Strips get fixed into suitable positions and are controlled by pilots. What are more, pilots play a decisive role in the sheet position accuracy in tool closure and draw operations in a
transferring die. Some other peculiarities include time and carrier, pad,
top and bottom tool interactions. Progressive die stamp advantages involve highly productive performance, significantly reduced costs for large-scale productions.

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