Shearing Machine

Regulating Cutting Directness of NC Hydraulic Shears

Here is an appropriate method to regulate cutting directness:

  • Set the blade cleft suitable for a particular sheet density.
  • Set the profile modeling as well as restriction appropriate to sheet breadth.
  • Prior to functioning of the machine, operate it emptily once or twice. Realize cutting after all the settings.
  • Face directness should be ensured and shredding ridges should be parallel to reduce sheet deformation and make details of top quality.
  • Fix the top knife of the shearing tool to the machine carrier and as to the low knife fix it to the operating desk.
  • Operating desk carries a ball holder not to scrape the sheet while it passes over it.
  • Use the back hold for locating the plate metal.
  • Make use of the cylinder for depressing the plate to make it immovable in shearing process.
  • The guard serves as a means to escape random incidents.

This device is suitably used to cut sheets of steel, copper, aluminum as well as materials of non- metallic type.

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