Press Brake

Step-by-step flexible increases the productivity of the press brake

For example, to do their best, when performing complex tasks, manufacturers often turn to step-by-step bending. On the working surface of the press brake, several sets of bending tools are installed one after the other, which allows the operator to perform several different bending operations at once. Previously, the operator installed one set on the bending machine — a die and a punch, and used it for temporary use. At the time, it was an easy way to increase production efficiency. But since the orders began to arrive more and more often, and the deadlines were reduced, everything has changed.

Now, in a single shift, the bending machine usually produces 15-25 different products, many of which require different punches and dies, as well as time to replace them. It is not good for manufacturers to spend so much time and resources on this. Bending complex parts also causes many problems for manufacturers during the bending process. Bends that require different tools lead to the replacement and disassembly of the punch and die, which takes much longer than the time spent on the manufacture of complex products, resulting in a loss of time and money.

How can we work in the manufacture of complex parts or small series of products that require different tool settings? In such cases, a step-by-step bending technology is used, in which several sets of tools (dies and punches) are installed next to each other on the working surface of the bending machine.

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