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The Main Advantage of Fiber Lasers Substituting CO2 Lasers

Most companies have appreciated the privileges that fiber lasers possess and have started to apply vastly in the technology of fiber cutting.

Thus, it has turned into a most innovative technology. Fiber lasers excelled the CO2 system taking their solid place in the appropriate market in 2014.

Most widely used thermal cutting methods are plasma, flame as well as laser ones, though the latter is more notable for its high quality particularly for cutting stubs of density diameter correlation no more than 1:1.

This technique has pushed its way into the industry for it ensures high operation speed as well as quality. These features are also typical of CO2 laser cutting, though fiber laser cutting is featured with far less maintenance and functioning expenses.

The Excellence of Fiber Laser Cutting

The most essential privilege lies in efficient energy consumption. In case of CO2 cutting the operation pace is approximately from 8% to 10%, while in case of laser cutting it is 25% to 30%.

Thus, the general expenditure of energy in fiber laser is three to five times as little as that of CO2 system. This leads to the rise of power effectiveness up to 86 %.

Lasers of fiber type possess short length of waves, which in its turn promotes fine beam absorbing by the materials being cut. This system efficiently realizes cutting brass, copper, also materials that are not conductive.

If a beam is more focused it can make a focus of smaller sizes and deep focal altitude to enable the fiber laser cut slim as well as middle density materials.

In case of cutting materials of 6 mm, the operation rate of fiber laser is1.5kw, while in case of CO2 cutting it is 3kw. As it is seen, the functioning cost of fiber laser is more efficient. 

As for maintenance, it has to be done regularly in case of CO2, the reflector needs graduation, the resonant chamber has to be regularly maintained as well. Fiber cutting system actually needs no particular care. 

CO2 gas is needed for CO2 cutting, which results in the pollution of the chamber. So the latter needs regular cleaning.

CO2 system kWh cost about $20.000 per year. Moreover, CO2 system realizes gas delivery through rapid axle turbines, that should be constantly renovated.

In comparison with CO2 technique fiber laser is environmentally friendly, it consumes far less energy and is notable for less CO2 gas emission.

Fiber laser is widely used in the areas of communication, shipbuilding, cur production, plate metal treatment, laser engraving, medicine apparatus etc. Due to the constant technological advancement the boundaries of its usage are extending.  

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