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The main areas of use of stainless steel

Mechanical engineering. The mechanical properties of stainless steel are widely used in the manufacture of machine tools and equipment for industrial enterprises, as well as in the automotive industry. At the same time, austenitic and ferritic types are most often used.

Chemical industry. This area of production involves the use of aggressive substances, for the storage of which containers and specially designed equipment are required. For their manufacture, austenitic alloys are used. At the same time, pipes, equipment, and vessels are not exposed to chemicals, so they retain their performance characteristics. Power engineering. In this industry, only materials with high strength are used, since the reliability of all working units is particularly important.

Pulp and paper industry. The equipment for this industry is almost entirely made of stainless steel.

Food industry. Today, high demands are placed on the production process, transportation, and storage of products. For the manufacture of equipment, only stainless steel, glass, and a number of types of plastic can be used, which give a high level of hygiene

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