Press Brake

Top 10 press brake machine manufacturers


Origin Country- China

Establishment Date-1998


This has been manufacturing specialized metal processing machines in China for 20 years. The major productions of it are CNC press brakes, shear machines, laser cutting machines. This manufacturer has been expanding with its extended services and controlling system of top quality. HARSLE is the right option in terms of high-quality operation and convinient price.


Origin country- Germany

Establishment Date- 1923


A well–known worldwide producer of press brakes. It leads both the market and technology of machinary and lasers. Its innovative solutions have a solid place in nearly all industrial sectors, including softwares suggested by them, that enables every advanced factory to handle with high technological procedures in the industry of electronics. More than 13.400 employees work in TRUMPF all over the world promoting its assirtive position and accomlishments as a family-led organization.


Origin Country- Japan

Establishment Date- 1946


This is mostly concentrated on plate metal fabricating device business. It can offer various products specialized in cut, bend or stamp processes, like press brake, laser machine, punch/laser combined machine. It has a significant influence in the same market spheres as TRUMPF.


Origin Country- Finland

Establishment Date- 1977


This is mainly specialized in plate metal devices and techniques. It offers a wide range of machines that realize such operations as laser treatment, bending, shearing, punching processes as well as automation.


Origin Country- Italy

Establishment Date- 1963


This is notable for its innovative activity, competence and service in automation system and plate metal treatment machines. Salvagnini has been constructing, marketing and catering modern modularized, pliable top-performance machines and techniques since 1963. Consequently, nowadays it offers its clients top optimal, suitable resolutions.


 Origin Country- Canada

Establishment Date- 1979


During its forty-year duration in market Accurpress has been manufacturing advanced, accomlished series of press brake, shear machines suitable for all bend and shear operations. This manufacturer is the leading one in high-ton machines, pole bend technology, tandem machinery as well as robot automations.


Origin Country- Belgium

EstablishmentDate- 1950s


This manufacturer holds an offer of intergration machines in the worldwide plate metal processing market. It acts in forty-five countries or so in accordance with local principles and services in every region.


Origin Country- Belgium

Establishment  Date-1965


This is a leading manufacturer in plate metal operating machinary and has offers of a series of durable, highly precise machinery and proper softwares. It provides suitable resolutions in nearly all particular situations as an accomplished expert.


Origin Country- Switzerland

Establishment- 1964


Bystronic is able to provide top-quality resolutions in plate metal treatment business. They focus on accomplished stuff automations as well as flow of data in cut and bend process chains. It covers such applications as laser cutting techniques, press brake, combined automations and software resolutions.

A wide range of services comletes its offer pack.



Origin Country- Netherlands

Establishment Date- 1960


This brand originated in 2012 when Safan and Darley combined. As they hold quite skillful experience, they are able to provide customers with top plate metal processing machinery. They are a worldwide top manufacturer in improving and designing electric press brake and shear machines for slim and dense plate metals.

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