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Ultimate Guide to Metal Shears

Shearing machine is intended to cut plate metals. On the whole the selection is estimated by Q235 sheet. In case of cutting Q345 select the model x 1.4 times. In case of stainless steel x 1.6-2. For shearing sheets of 10-40 mm guillotine shear is more suitable.


Sheet shearing machine is applied in plate metal manufacturing as it is capable of cutting plate metals of various density. This device is often referred to as power shear or guillotine and can be operated by foot or hand, which is now in rare use, or hydraulically and automatically. In the working process it first presses sheets by the use of piston, afterwards the moving knife shears plates on the fixed blade.

Metal shears classification: on the whole, cutting devices are classified into human powered, automatic, hydraulic beam, guillotine and hydraulic CNC control ones.

Hydraulic machines operates through moving the top and fixed blades, leaving a suitable cleft between blades and applying certain strength to sheet metals possessing different density to shear plates appropriate to previously planned sizes.

Products made by shearing machines have wide uses in the areas of light industry, shipbuilding, decoration industry, aviation as well as for manufacturing electrical devices and products of stainless steel.

Guillotine or plate shear definition 

It has the following definition: machine, which reciprocates a direct line through a blade against the other blade for shearing a particular sheet material.


Special metal shears

This is commonly combined with alternative equipment to accomplish certain tasks:

Cold formed bar sheet cutting device: shears of this kind are especially applied on car beam frigid curving bar, side shield bar, color sheet shaping one and so on.

Metal shears are mainly applied on steel framework construction bar, particularly H-beam mechanical construction bar and angle steel to accomplish cutting.

Plate open bar metal shears is appropriate for the sheet unwinding bar. The dense sheet line is commonly combined with hydraulic sheet cutting machine of top speed, whereas the thin sheet bar is combined with pneumatic shear machine. As to the top speed one, it is combined with a flying cutting machine characterized as outwearing and efficient.  

Inclined blade shear

The sheet cutting machine has got top and lower knives. The top one is commonly slanted and is of 1◦ to 6◦ angles. The slanted knife possesses less shearing strength than the plane one. This results in the engine force and the whole heft of the cutting device being considerably small.

Flat blade shear

Performs shearing of good quality with little distortion and has got great cutting strength consuming a great deal of energy. The shearing ridges of the device are parallel. This is vastly applied to shear hot ingots or bars. 

Universal metal shears

The device, combines both punching and cutting is also referred to as iron worker. This is appropriate for shearing sheets and cutting profiles, as well as in the process of quenching

Combined plate bending cutting machine carries out both shearing and bending.

Safety measures for guillotine shears

1. Prior to the operation put on closely fitting clothes, fasten the wristbands. Wearing helmets is compulsory, place plaits inside the helmet. Wearing slippers, skirts, gloves is not advisable.

2. The operator of the device should closely be aware of its structure and functioning features.

3. This particular device is appropriate for a variety of sheets like steel, copper, aluminum, non- metallic ones that have no solid marks or weld dross. 

4. The usage of metal guillotine shears:

A. Regulate the cleft between blades taking into account the density of the being cut sheets.

B. Regulate the jig or mold appropriate to the sheet breadth.

C. Function the device up to three times without loading it, then operate it properly having been assured of its safety.

6. The electricity should be cut off while regulating the device, beware of hand position while processing details.

7. Anoint the device components permanently, fill the shifts with oil. The rolling parts of the device should also get anointed once six months.

Mind the following tips

  1. Regulate the gap between blades in accordance with the density of a particular plate. Otherwise, it will affect the shearing outcome.
  2. Check the pressure gauge to see after the pressure of oil while shearing. In case of shearing a plate of 12 mm, the pressure should be no more than 20Mpa, the mill set pressure is 20-22Mpa. The being cut material should be of appropriate thickness or the pressure will rise damaging the device.
  3. Regulate the sound during the device function. In case of noise existence within shears, see after it.
  4. The fuel tank temperature should not be above 60 degrees. If this is the case, let the device to rest for a while. 

Hydraulic metal shears controller

Estun E21S

Estun E21s featuring

  • Backguage (X axis) movement control
  • Control AC motor or inverter
  • Intelligent and unilateral positioning
  • Work-piece counting function
  • Language for Chinese/English
  • Unit for mm/inch
  • Double programmable digital output
  • One key back-up/restore of parameters
  • 40 programs stored, 25 steps per program

DAC 310S

DAC-310s featuring

  • Bright LCD 128 x 64 display
  • Backgauge control
  • Gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Actual and Programmed position visualization.
  • Stock counter
  • Programmable up to 100 steps
  • Panel-based housing
  • Servo control / inverter / 2-speed AC control

DAC 360S

DAC-360s featuring

  • Bright LCD screen
  • Back / front gauge control
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle control and gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Force control
  • Manual movement of all axes
  • Force control
  • Sheet thickness measurement
  • RTS, Return to Sender function
  • Second servo axis (DAC-362s)
  • Sheet support


ELGO P40 featuring

  • One- or two-axis version
  • LCD display
  • Easy handling
  • Multi-lingual menu navigation
  • Option PID analog output available
  • Reference run
  • Manual, single and program mode

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